Rift Gold Guide – Tips and Tricks for Making Platinum in Rift Online

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Silver, gold and platinum are the main type of currency players use in Rift: Planes of Telara. This page will try to give you some basic tips and tricks on how you can earn more platinum. Since Rift is still a relatively new game some of these strategies may not work after some time, and many strategies don’t even exist yet. The game economy is still not developed as many players are just now leveling up their characters and not working on leveling professions. However I’ll attempt to provide as…

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Rift Platinum Guide

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Platinum is the main type of currency in Rift: Planes of Telara. It’s the driving force of the game’s economy and having plenty of it enable you to purchase better equipment for your characters, level up your professions and more. When you first start playing Rift and finish your first few quests you’ll get a few silver coins. One hundred silver coins gives you 1 gold, and 100 gold gives you 1 platinum. There are also other types of currencies in Rift such as planarite and valor: planarite is gained…

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