Elder Scrolls Online Dye Achievements

Armor Dyes in Elder Scrolls Online

One of the most anticipated features of Elder Scrolls Online after launch are definitely armor dyes. Customizing your own equipment to make sure it has the visual appeal you like is for many players even more important than their functionality. With ESO’s update 3 rapidly approaching armor dyes have been added to the game, most of which are unlocked with in-game achievements. Some dyes an achievements are very easy to complete (such as finishing the main quests, fully exploring certain areas etc.), some are more difficult to obtain and a bit more grinding may be required.

Below is a list of all currently unlockable dyes and achievements required in patch 1.3. Remember that this list may change with further updates to the game so the information may only be relevant for the current patch of the game.


  • Level 50 Hero: Master Gold
  • Fighters Guild Skill Master: Syffim Red
  • Mages Guild Skill Master: Arcane Blue
  • Superior Ransacker: Ransaker Blue
  • Superior Attire: Superior Blue
  • Epic Acquirer: Pillager Purple
  • Epic Attire: Epic Violet
  • Legendary Attire: Legendary Gold
  • Daedra Slayer: Boethiah Gray
  • Dwarven Construct Slayer: Automaton Bronze
  • Humanoid Slayer: Bandit Brown
  • Nature Slayer: Hunter Green
  • Undead Slayer: Mort Flesh White
  • Lycanthropy: Wolf’s Fur Brown
  • Vampirism: Nexophilic Black
  • Lycanthropy Master: Lycanthrope Gray
  • Undaunted Skill Master: Undaunted Bronze
  • Vampirism Master: Lamae’s White


  • Student of the Mages Guild: Mages Guild Blue
  • Associate of the Fighters Guild: Fighters Guild Red
  • Recruit of the Undaunted: Dried Blood Brown


  • Atronach Element Collector: Elemental White
  • Chitin Acculmulator: Mudcrab Maroon
  • Dwarven Secrets Gatherer: Faded Dwemer Scholar Red
  • Monstrous Component Collector: Trolls Fur Brown
  • Nature Collector: Spriggan Green
  • Oblivion Shard Gatherer: Oblivion Vermillion
  • Tamriel Beast Collector: Beast Collector Violet
  • Undead Hoarder: Gangrene Green

Alliance War

  • Emperor: Ruby Throne Red
  • Emperor Slayer: Regicide Red
  • Kill a Grand Overlord: Murder Mahogany
  • Support the Fight: Heartlands Umber



  • Apprentice Crafting Harvester: Dragonthorn Yellow
  • Apprentice Refinement: Bugloss Blue
  • Apprentice Deconstructor: Forge Ember Red
  • Racial Style Learned: Book Cover Brown
  • Alliance Style Master: Motif Pattern Blue
  • Rare Style Master: Motif Master Brown
  • Learn a Trait: Amethyst Violet
  • Trait Master: Moonstone White
  • Truly Legendary Armor: Entoloma Blue


  • Master Alchemist: Alchemist Bilious
  • Botanist: Nirnroot Gray


  • Master Blacksmith: Smith Steel Blue
  • Legendary Blacksmith: Earthforge Iron Gray


  • Master Clothier: Clothier Purple
  • Legendary Clothier: Ironweed Violet


  • Master Enchanter: Enchanter Tangerine
  • Aspect: Aspect Red
  • Essence: Essence Green
  • Potency: Potency Blue


  • Master Provisioner: Provisioner Brown
  • Recipe Card: Battaglir Green
  • Iron Chef: Brewer’s Ale Brown


  • Master Woodworker: Woodworker Yellow
  • Legendary Woodworker: Mastic Yellow

Dark Anchors

  • Anchor Destroyer: Dolmen Deep Blue
  • Chainbreaker: Nightshade Purple



  • Dungeon Lord: Boss Butcher Brown
  • Dungeon Annihilator: Dungeon Victor Turquoise
  • Dungeon Damage Dispenser: Tombstone Gray
  • Greater Dungeon Healer: Restorative Gold
  • Greater Dungeon Blocker: Guardian Blue


  • Hel Ra Citadel Completed: Warrior’s Steel
  • Time Trial – Hel Ra Citadel: Dragonstar Red
  • Aetherian Archive Completed: Julianos White
  • Time Trial – Aetherian Archive: Aurora Green
  • Weekly Trial Complete: Mundus Blue
  • Time Trial – Weekly: Celestial Violet

Public Dungeons

  • Aldmeri Dungeon Conqueror: Dominion Conqueror Yellow
  • Daggerfall Convenant Conqueror: Covenant Conqueror Blue
  • Ebonheart Pact Conqueror: Pact Conqueror Red

Group Dungeons

  • Vanquisher of the Covenant: Covenant Vanquisher Violet
  • Vanquisher of the Dominion: Dominion Vanquisher Green
  • Vanquisher of the Pact: Pact Vanquisher Brown

Veteran Dungeons

  • Complete All Death Challenges: Voidstone Violet



  • I Like M’aiq: Liar’s Linen

Aldmeri Dominion

  • Aldmeri Master Explorer: Ayleid Gold
  • Auridon Master Explorer: Maomer-Eyes Gray
  • Grahtwood Master Explorer: Graht-Bark Brown
  • Greenshade Master Explorer: Dibella’s Blush
  • Khenarthi’s Roost Pathfinder: Khenarthi Red
  • Malabal Tor Master Explorer: Silvenar Green
  • Reaper’s March Master Explorer: Jode Red

Daggerfall Covenant

  • Daggerfall Master Explorer: Orichalc Green
  • Stros M’kai and Betnikh Explorer: Hunding Gold
  • Glenumbra Master Explorer: Vine Green
  • Stormhaven Master Explorer: Flame-Knight Light Red
  • Rivenspire Master Explorer: Haunted Moor Mauve
  • Alik’r Desert Master Explorer: Ash’abah Hood Gray
  • Bangkorai Master Explorer: Wisp Blue

Ebonheart Pact

  • Ebonheart Pact Master Explorer: Atmoran Bronze
  • Bleakrock and Bal Foyen Master Explorer: Netch Jelly Blue
  • Stonefalls Master Explorer: Telvanni Brown
  • Deshaan Master Explorer: Indoril Blue
  • Shadowfen Master Explorer: Strangler Maw Red
  • Eastmarch Master Explorer: Sulfur Pools Yellow
  • The Rift Master Explorer: Mammoth Fur Brown


  • Coldharbour Master Explorer: Soul Shriven Pale


  • Craglorn Master Explorer: Craglorn Crimson


  • Cyrodiil Master Explorer: Colovian Deep Brown


  • Covenant Fisherman: Covenant Fisher Blue
  • Dominion Fisherman: Dominion Fisher Yellow
  • Pact Fisherman: Pact Fisher Red
  • Cyrodiil Angler: Nibenay Trout Green


  • Tamriel Skyshard Hunter: Aetherial Blue



  • Cyrodiil Champion: Cyrodilic Steel
  • Quester: Quester Yellow

Main Quest

  • Complete Main Quest Chapter 1: Soul Shriven Gray

Aldmeri Dominion

  • A Rule Unquestioned: Varla White
  • Iconoclast: Thalmor Black
  • Spirit of the Bosmer: Welkynd Blue
  • Matchmaker: Falinesti Green
  • Hallowed Moons: Senche-Tiger Orange

Daggerfall Covenant

  • Ritual Destruction: Wyrd Tree Green
  • Rude Awakening: Wayrest Royal Purple
  • Curse Breaker: Doomcrag Verdigris
  • Consecrated Ground: Alik’r Lapis
  • End of Empire: Evermore Gold

Ebonheart Pact

  • Hearts of Darkness: Ashland Gray
  • Plague Eater: Hlaalu Gold
  • Egg and Root: Hist Green
  • Blood Feud: Windhelm Steel
  • Shattered Remnants: Riften Copper


  • Radiant Champion: Necromancer Blue

Hopefully this list gives you some ideas and helps you prepare your achievement completion in advance of the patch.

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