Rift: Unlocking Souls Guide

Welcome to our guide on unlocking rift souls beyond just the first three you’re given when starting out. This is one of the most common questions asked when people are starting out in Rift, and it is actually pretty simple, so lets get started.

Almost everyone in Rift is going to want to try out another soul combination at some point, and really is going to need to in order to be as effective as possible in raiding and pvp.


  1. Getting the Quest
  2. Completing the Quest
  3. Unlocking PvP Souls
  4. Final Thoughts

Getting the Quest

The first step you need to take is heading to your major city, which will be either Sanctum for Guardians or Meridian for Defiants.

Once you’ve arrived at the city you should notice a lot of quests available, the quests you are looking for are the ones offered by people who have a tag with your desired soul under their names. These are often in small groups of 2-3 that offer the quests to start unlocking rift souls you do not already have.

Keep in mind that once you’ve started a quest for one soul and the rest of the quests disappear, do not panic, this is because you can only take one of these quests at a time and after you have completed it and unlocked the soul you can pick up another quest and repeat the process.

Completing the Quest

After you have started the quest, you will see that you need to receive a plane shard from a rift, this is pretty easy to do. First head out of the city and open your map, start looking for rifts on the map (these look like little suns, and can be different colors like purple, blue, etc) and head towards it. Hopefully there will be a handful of people at that rift and you can start the event, simply follow the quest details that you are given, usually to kill some enemies and proceed through all of the phases.

Once you have completed the rift check the loot bag and if you have received a plane shard you can move on, but sometimes you may not receive it and will need to proceed to another rift and try again. If you have the shard, make sure you stay within the rift as it will remain on the ground for a while and use the item from your quest menu on the right side of your screen.

Use the item and soon an enemy will appear, this mob is relatively easy to kill, so simply use your rotation to kill it as you would with any other enemy you were fighting for a quest and it will die and you will have completed the quest.

After you have done this you can go back to the city and find the quest giver you got the quest from and turn it in and you will have unlocked the soul! Now you’re able to move on to the next soul by picking up another quest and repeating the process again. This really doesn’t take too long, and typically you can unlock all 5 of your extra souls within 60 to 90 minutes or possibly even less depending on how close the rifts are and how fast you defeat them.

Unlocking PvP Souls

Right now, each class has one additional soul they can get: a player versus player-based soul. This soul can be purchased in Sanctum or Meridian for 2500 favor points. I have not yet experimented with these, but it is rumored that more will be added over time.

The PvP souls have less abilities and talents available to them then your standard souls, and have a lot of abilities that are PvP oriented (-% healing debuffs, snares, and the like). If you want to get one, just save up favor and purchase it from the primary honor vendor in town!

Final Thoughts

Unlocking all the souls for your calling in Rift is quite easy just by repeating a simple quest and saving up 2500 favor points. I try not to rush it and just grab a new quest every time I head back to town. When out questing, I will seal a Rift at some point so I do not have to go out of my way to get more souls.

We’ve covered all aspects of unlocking rift souls, and you are ready to go out there and do these quests. If you have benefited from this guide please check out our other free Rift guides that may help you in improving your gameplay even more, because we have more guides then just unlocking rift souls!

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  1. Osiris91

    This is not at Sanctum it’s at silverwood college ( for mages )

  2. I was hoping this guide would give me locations for the different soul quest givers. The guide is really pointless if all it can offer is general information that people already know. Why don’t you list the locations to all the different soul quest givers, if you did you would have a help guide that is actually helpful.

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