Neverwinter Leveling Guide by Killerguides – My Review

Neverwinter Leveling GuideThere’s been a lot of talk recently about Killerguides Neverwinter Leveling Guide, and obviously with thousands of players logging into Neverwinter every day the demand for a quality leveling guideto help boost you to the endgame is significant. Endgame is what ever MMORPG is about and it’s no surprise players are looking at all kinds of methods and strategies to help them level up faster. While there are some haters out there who dislike using any kind of game guides and like to discover everything by themselves, I think having a good leveling guide to help you get a quick grasp of the game is very helpful for newer players. If you’ve been playing Neverwinter throughout the beta testing phase for months then a lot of things about the game are probably known to you, but for anyone else who just started playing or is about to this leveling guide will definitely be very helpful.

Killerguides Leveling Guide Contents

The two most important parts of this NWN leveling guide is the quest walkthrough and leveling methods. Quest walkthroughs are very helpful when you’re trying to speed-run through levels and will help you always understand where to pick up quests and how to find objectives as quickly as possible. It includes all leveling zones and quest hubs along with maps with locations of quest-giver NPCs and mission objectives. It also contains a very useful list of quests that take more time to complete and offer low rewards so you can easily maximize your time by skipping those quests and focusing on those that reward the most experience and best equipment.

Neverwinter Nights ScreenshotThe chapter about leveling methods includes tons of important tips and tricks you need to learn in order to level up as effectively as possible. I was actually quite amazed at the amount of strategies players have discovered so far and incorporating just some of them into my gameplay definitely quickened my leveling. It’s explained in much detail so I won’t go over it here but suffice to say it’s worth reading. Another helpful chapter talks about talent trees and ability rotations specifically optimized for leveling any class to the level cap as fast as possible. It definitely helps if you don’t want to do the analysis yourself and squeezing in extra damage or survivability can certainly improve the speed at which you progress through Neverwinter.

Killerguides also contains a great guide on leveling equipment which helps you pick up the best gear for every level and even tells you where to find it. It helps immensely to have the best items for your current level and this chapter is currently the best reference you can find about it. Lastly the guide includes a gold making chapter and an auction house guide. Killerguides has another guide which is specifically focused on generating gold in Neverwinter and it’s far more detailed (you can check it out here), but this chapter does cover some of the most important basic tips, tricks and strategies you definitely don’t want to miss out on. It will without a doubt help boots your coin income in NWN and I strongly suggest you not to skip reading it.

Is Killerguides worth it?

Navigating through a Wiki gives you hard numbers and facts and isn’t very useful to average players, while this guide is focused on explaining every single detail about many aspects of Neverwinter that you can really benefit from immediately. Considering the incredible amount of information and strategies you can find in Killerguides and its constant updates I believe it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. The guide may not be free but considering how incredibly comprehensive and useful it is it’s definitely downloading. You can check out the official Killerguides page to learn more about it. If you decide to get I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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