Tera Classes Guide

TERA Races

Picking a class is one of the most important things players go through when trying a new game. There are seven different races and everyone has their own reasons for picking one; combine that with 8 different classes, and you get many possible class/race combos, and picking the best one may not just be a matter of personal preference. Everyone has their own style of play though, so this guide will provide you with a beginners breakdown of all classes in TERA than what you can usually find:, their basic…

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Rift Warrior Soul Tree Builds Guide

Rift Warrior Paragon

In this post, I will be discussing about Rift Warrior Builds. In Rift you will be selecting three souls which will be the basis for all of your character’s abilities, generally you will have one main soul and two other souls which will mainly be used for the starter abilities they give. In this guide I will be discussing the Warrior souls, what they do, and which ones I suggest that you should use. Lets get started and look at some Rift Warrior builds. Contents: Solo Play Builds Group Play…

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