7 Psychological Tactics for Solo Queue Domination

Despite not being talked about very often, psychology plays a huge part in solo queue. Agurthewise came up with seven psychological tactics to help you win more matches, better understand your team or at the very least prevent frustration caused by losing.

  1. Zero Expectations – Enter every game with no expectations on your team’s skill level. They may feed, they may play well: but it is up to you to play your best to give yourself the best shot. At the end you have no one to blame but yourself.

  2. Evaluate Your Teammates – When you have free time evaluate your teammates play. This will give you a better perspective on their strengths and weaknesses. If you feel a teammate is subpar do not tell them they suck, instead avoid unnecessary engagements that require them to play well. If you feel a teammate is good compliment them and fight when you are together.

  3. Do not be afraid to lose in ranked – If you are good enough all you need is time to progress, these single games don’t matter in the big picture. When you hear people talking about losing their promo, it shows they are desperate. You are not desperate, you realize your skill will get you where you deserve eventually as long as you are patient.

  4. Do not be afraid to fail in game. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott . Do not be afraid to fail in game, be afraid of not learning from your failures. It is always ok to fall as long as you get up and learn from that mistake.

  5. Surrender is a double edged sword – FF or Surrender shouldn’t be mentioned before the 20 minute mark, its pointless and promotes a defeatist attitude. Past 20 minutes if you chances of winning fall into the low single digits I recommend surrendering, it saves time and psychological stress.

  6. Ziggs and Jayce can break my face but words I will ignore. You need to grow a thick skin. Trading verbal blows with nitwits on the other side of the screen is a futile task. You simply remind yourself that these ragers and whiners are acting like children and you do not need to stoop to their level or be impacted by their words. It is tough to do, as we strive for the approval of others. But if you practice you can have the mental fortitude to brush off the whining ragers.

  7. Have Fun – In the end, it is a game, so have fun. Remember winning is more fun than losing, so give it your all, but you can have fun even in a lost game.

Source: Reddit

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