SWTOR’s Official Stance on Using Macros

More and more players have recently started using various automation tools in The Old Republic, mostly aimed at easier and quicker chat but also some more advanced ones for PvP, quick respecs, grabbing Hutballs etc. Not being able to use macros in SWTOR isn’t a dealbreaker for most people but for those who are familiar to the extent of their usage in other MMORPGs it can be a difficult transition. Phillip Holmes, SWTOR’s head of security has publised an informative forum post about text macros, color detection, evaluation and sequencing…

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Rift Macros Guide: Best Rift Macros You Must Use

Rift logo

Rift macros make your playtime much easier and enjoyable. You can create macros in Rift easily and they can be used to cast multiple abilities at once or in quick succession, enabling you to react quicker and faster to any given situation. Macros are useful while leveling, but also in PvP and raids. They are simple to set up, so take a look at a few useful examples below to see how you can make the most out of your character. Stormcaller/Elementalist Shield Stormcaller/Elementalist builds do not have much in…

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Rift Macros & Slash Commands Guide

Rift macros

A macro in the context of video games refers to a set of instructions that can be issued together with one input or “hotkey.” Rift supports macroing via an in-game menu. Opening that menu brings up a panel with a list of macro slots on the left, and the macro fields on the right. You can give your macro a name and select an icon for it. You can also have a macro inherit the icon and cooldown timer of some ability using the following syntax: #show ability e.g. #show…

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WoW: 4.0.3a Feral Druid PvP Guide

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In the newest World of Warcraft patch, if you were playing feral already, it’s still pretty much the same – except easier. The things written here are based on arena, but work in most other scenarios here as well. If you’re an experienced feral already, this guide will probably not help you, but I would like you to read it because more input is always great. This feral druid PvP guide, written by Natz from Hellfire-EU will surely help you get familiarized with the class in the 9th arena season.…

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