Tips to Keep Your Jungler From Going Insane

The following tips are submitted by Str8F4zed on Reddit. It will help you understand the jungler’s mindset and exactly what you can do to make him hate you.

Ping ward/trap locations

It seems so simple but a lot of people don’t do it. While we’re clearing camps we’re looking for an opportunity to gank for you. Having said that, we won’t be able to notice EVERY ward or trap location. So ping it out and let us know. With that information we can decide to avoid the area when we gank and we don’t waste time.

If we’re pinging on our way, don’t drain your mana pool before I arrive

I find my teammates doing this at times. Why? I’m not sure. You should always try and save mana for at least one ability. If you’re the support, be sure that you can cast your CC on top of mine. If you’re the adc be sure you have the mana to get out of there if things turn bad.

Please don’t make it obvious that I’m about to murder them

Yeah I may be sitting in the bush about to gank for you, but you don’t need to let them know that. I’m waiting for them to go for a last hit or waste a useful ability. That means whatever you were doing before I arrived, keep doing it. If you were pushed under tower, don’t walk past the creep wave. If you were being aggressive don’t sit back. Most players aren’t stupid blind and they’ll notice the difference.

Ganks don’t always equal kills and that’s OKAY

So many players become obsessed with stacking kills. A gank can be successful without giving you the kill, trust me. If we force a summoner, a recall, or help from their Jungler then we did well. If they flashed I’ll be sure to come back and get the kill soon. If they recalled chances are you can get a nice lead in CS and/or take the tower/dragon. If the Jungler came to assist then that’s a load off of the other lanes. They can now play aggressively and this especially pays off if your other lanes are performing well.

Be vocal with what you want

This one is more general but it’s the best I could think of for the 5th tip while still covering the basics. As a Jungler, it’s difficult to keep track with EVERYTHING going on in each lane. I try my best. If you’re struggling in lane please let me know. I want to help and I’ll be up there as soon as possible. If you’re in need of a ward tell me that and I’ll buy you one soon. Need to recall and finish an item? Let me know before you do. That’s valuable XP someone on our team should be getting, and for no reason should your opponent be getting it for free.

EDIT: Being vocal with us doesn’t guarantee that you get your way. Understand that we have other people to take care of, so your request for a babysit may not be obliged. “The farmers who plow their fields first and then pray for rain receive it.

EXTRAS EDIT: Some taken from comments…

Mr. mid lane, you aren’t entitled to blue buff.

If you’ve given up 3 kills in the first 10 minutes, chances are you won’t be getting it. Please don’t bash me for that but I’d hate to have you die and give it to Karthus. If you ask nicely and you’re playing well, I’ll definitely give it to you. Hell, I usually give up the 2nd buff anyways. Just don’t do anything to make me change my mind. That includes playing poorly and being an ass. Now good luck. ;)

If I’m sitting in this bush, I have a reason.

If our other two lanes are pushing up and doing well but you’re not, I know there’s a ward in this bush. I’m going to sit here and scare your opponent away from the farm. Why? It’ll help you reset the wave and gain the XP back. I’m almost leeching some of it so it isn’t all bad for me. Don’t ping caution like a mad man for me to go away when I’m obviously helping you.

Don’t expect ganks if you’re in a dominant lane.

I’m not being a dick, you’re just pushed to their tower. If I don’t have a decent amount of armor I won’t turret dive because it’s probably suicide. So either last hit and ward like a smart player or leave me alone so I can focus on counter ganking, because their Jungler WILL be on your ass.

You don’t have to use your Summoner to pick up the kill.

Now if you’re absolutely CERTAIN (this really only applies in very few situations) that you can’t get the kill and get out, then fine. As long as we picked up an advantage for you as described in tip #4, there is NO NEED to get greedy and lose that advantage.

Smite has a cooldown and preset damage!

If I say “smite down”, you may want to rethink this Dragon attempt. If Zac leaps over the wall and smites our Baron I’m sorry!, but he is 2 levels ahead and his smite does more damage. I’m not perfect and there’s a good chance I had some CC thrown my way. Please don’t spam “Noob jungle doesn’t know how to Smite” after something like that happens. It devastates the little bit of morale I had left.

You better be a firm believer in lane taxation.

If you’re not familiar with what this is, you probably rage at your Jungler for doing it. If a gank is not very successful, I’m probably gonna grab a minion or two. This way I don’t entirely waste my time coming to help you out.

Calm your biscuits, I’m not pushing the lane. Swear!

I ganked for you and you had to back. We killed your opponent, but some of his creep are left sitting. Guess what I’m about to do? Push the lane. That’s right, I’m gonna do it. Is it going to hurt you? Nope not in the least. It will deny him XP and gold and by the time you get back, the lane will be reset. I’m not leaving free XP unattended. I better not hear any lip for doing it, either.

Thou shalt leash for me and do so properly!

If I ask for a Smiteless blue/red, take the extra 4 seconds and do it for me. I’m not asking for it because I’m selfish. Junglers typically request a smiteless clear so they can reach lvl 3 faster and get a gank in or to steal the enemy buff. Getting in one AA and leaving for your lane not only leaves me to burn 2 pots right off the bat, but I’m not going to be a happy camper either.

Don’t get tunnel vision. Help me out if I’m being invaded.

This is a difficult concept for a lot of people to grab. If your Jungler, or anyone for that matter, is having trouble near you, it’s okay to leave your lane for 10 seconds to help them. You surely don’t want double buffs leaving your team. Be aware and ready for situations like this if you’re facing a Shaco or Lee Sin. If your Jungler is Fiddlesticks or Amumu protect their blue buff at all costs. Without it you can bet that they won’t get much done early.

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