Star Trek Online Klingon Races Guide

Whether you’re looking to create a Gorn, Klingon, Nausicaan, Lethean, or Orion warrior, our guide to Klingon Empire species in Star Trek Online has you covered.

Upon reaching level 6, players of Star Trek Online unlock the ability to create a character in the Klingon faction. These warlike beings level up through a combination of PvE and PvP combat. Those who choose to walk the path of the warrior are not confined to the Klingon species, however, as they also have the option of choosing between several races who have aligned themselves with the empire.

Each of the five Klingon species has their own set of unique racial traits and bonuses, as well as the ability to choose several traits from a general pool, allowing for a high level of character customization. Players will also have the option of introducing an entirely new species to the empire, and choosing four traits from the pool powers to accompany it.


The lizard-like Gorn first entered the cultural consciousness in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Arena.” Captain Kirk was forced to do battle with a Gorn captain on a deserted planet, and eventually does so utilizing some unusual and creative tactics.

The Gorn are unique among races in the empire in that they have three separate species bonuses while most others have only two. Gorn receive the Cold Blooded bonus, which grants them a 25% resistance to fire DoT resistance and a 10% bonus to plasma DoT resistance. The Reptilian Strength trait gives them a 17.5% bonus to melee damage and knockback chance, and the Resilient trait gives them a 5% bonus to physical and energy resistance. Gorn are allowed one more trait chosen from the pool powers, as well.


The heart of the empire, the Klingon race is renowned throughout the world of Star Trek Online for their fierce, warlike nature and prowess in combat. Honor is paramount in Klingon society, and most members would be far more willing to die than to sacrifice the honor of their family or themselves.

Klingons are visually distinctive, owing to their large size and prominent forehead ridges. They also posses redundant internal organs which render them incredibly hard to kill.

As a species, Klingons receive the Honorable trait, which gives them a 5% bonus to damage resistance and a 10% bonus to threat generation, as well asthe Warrior trait, which grants a 15% bonus to melee and crit damage and a 5% bonus to damage with energy weapons. Klingon players can also choose two additional traits from the bonus power pool.


Letheans are a telepathic species, and are feared and renowned throughout the world of Star Trek Online for their prowess as mercenaries. They are able to attack an adversary’s mind directly, doing large amounts of damage without ever firing a weapon.

The Letheans offered their services to the Klingon Empire, but have still not been fully admitted. They continue to search for ways to prove their worth.

Letheans have two bonus traits specific to their species. The first, Rapture, is a telepathic attack that does psionic damage over time to a single target. The second, Telepathic, increases perception, extends the duration of exposure attacks and the chance that they will be successful. Lethean characters can choose two additional traits from the pool.


Nausicaans unsurprisingly hail from the planet Nausicaa. They are enormous specimens, towering head and shoulders above most humans. They are known as an aggressive species, and tend to enjoy games that involve some kind of violence or death.

It was a Nausicaan who famously stabbed Jean-Luc Picard in the back days before he graduated from the academy, forcing him to have an artificial heart implanted.

Nausicaans have two traits unique to their species. Physical Strength grants a 10% bonus to melee damage and Pirate gives them a 20% bonus to stealth and a 30% bonus to exploit attack damage. Nausicaans are also able to choose two additional traits from the pool.


The final species in the Klingon Empire, the Orion, are easily recognizable thanks to their green skin tone. Captain James T. Kirk built up something of a reputation for fraternizing with Orion women throughout his career, beginning with his days at the academy as seen in the 2009 Star Trek film.

The pheremones of female Orions can make males of most species incredibly susceptible to suggestion. Vulcans, apparently, are immune to this effect.

Orions have only a single trait, Seductive, that gives them a bonus to confuse and placate resistances and reduces the amount of threat they generate. Since they have but a single species trait, Orions can choose three additional traits from the pool.

Each of the five Klingon Empire species is unique enough to make choosing between them difficult. In the end, if one appeals to you more than another, then it is probably the right choice for you. If the preset race choices don’t appeal to you, you can always make a completely custom alien race.


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