Star Trek Online Crystalline Entity Guide

I keep trying to complete this quest for the last few days but apparently it’s hopeless. Even though someone always tells others what to do in zone chat, nobody seems to care much and it’s completely frustrating. I even think some players might be there just to intentionally sabotage others from killing the Crystalline Entity since they still keep dropping mines and healing the Crystalline Entity.

First of all, you get the Crystalline Entity quest from Admiral Grigori Yanishev at level 16 (or was it 17?). The Entity is located in the Alpha Centauri sector block, around the Demil system (near Memory Alpha) — typically northeast of it. It works like a regular Fleet Action quest, meaning you can enter the instance and fight the Entity with up to 20 other players. If you can’t find it, it may look like a common Enemy Signal Contact until you get a bit closer. After you kill the Entity (and if), the best loot is awarded to players with top damage.

The fight itself is not too hard, and it’s incredibly easy if everyone knows what to do. Unfortunately, that’s not the case most of the time so here’s what you should know. There are three types of Crystalline Fragments spawned by the Entity: regular Crystalline Fragments, Large Crystalline Fragments and Small Crystaline Fragments. You can destroy regular Crystal Fragments and it won’t make much of a difference; you can even kill Large Crystal Fragments. However, if Large Crystal Fragments hit your ship they will spawn Small Crystal Fragments which heal the Entity, making the encounter difficult, in addition to damaging your hull for a great deal of damage. You should always try to destroy Small Fragments whenever possible, but it’s best not to even let them spawn in the first place.

When you enter the instance, it’s best to immediately put your ship’s power preset to Speed! That way, you can outrun any fragments following you as long as you pay attention. Your weapons will be weaker, but at least you have a chance then. The second important thing is NOT to use mines, or targetable torpedoes such as Heavy Plasma Torpedo as they hit Large Crystal Fragments, therefore spawning Small ones. Do note that Large Fragments only spawn after the Entity drops below 30% hp.

There’s a bit more to the fight but for the most part if you follow the tips above you should be able to defeat this monster. If you have decent DPS in the instance you should pretty much be able to simply DPS the Crystalline Entity and ignore all fragments. If too many start to spawn then clearly you might want to focus on them a bit, but whatever you do just don’t get hit by any fragments.

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2 Thoughts to “Star Trek Online Crystalline Entity Guide

  1. Monthigos

    I tried to do this fleet action but there was one guy there who was pretty much doing everything you said NOT to do. I honestly think he was doing it on purpose to be a pain…

  2. mike

    There is always some sort of war in the rooms. With using mines and other weapons and two main tactics. use engines to max or max to weapons. Ive seen people use max weapons getting it near to 15%. people only use engines and broadsite it never does any dmg.

    Also had a few note ive seen a couple of times, for instance large frags dont heal if you destoy them withoud mines or ships, and if the frags go to far the ill explode. And also the frags wont move or not as fast if you dont shoot them or flyby.

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