Rift Macros Guide: Best Rift Macros You Must Use

Rift macros make your playtime much easier and enjoyable. You can create macros in Rift easily and they can be used to cast multiple abilities at once or in quick succession, enabling you to react quicker and faster to any given situation.

Macros are useful while leveling, but also in PvP and raids. They are simple to set up, so take a look at a few useful examples below to see how you can make the most out of your character.

Stormcaller/Elementalist Shield

Stormcaller/Elementalist builds do not have much in the way of protection apart from their pet.  You do have 2 shields though: Ice Shield will absorb damage but the CD is long, so Icy Vortex will reduce damage taken, if Ice Shield is on CD.

cast Ice Shield
cast Icy Vortex

PvE Cloromancer/Warlock Main Spellrotation

This will have all your single target DPS spells and Natural Conversion up.

It does not include Radient Spores as that lasts 15 secs while the CD is only 8, meaning you would lose both dps and heals if you include it here.  Warlock spells are both a heal and DPS loss, but if you have a favorite then u can include it before the Vile Spores call.

#show Ruin
cast Natural Conversion
cast Nature’s Touch
cast Ruin
cast Vile Spores

Submitted by Alexandra

Assassin/Bladedancer/Nightblade DPS Macro

This macro starts off with your stealth skills, Assassinate if your behind the target, Paralyzing Strike if your not, and Ebon Terror if your a distance away. It will then go to your Puncture when its off cooldown, and follow up Poison Malice (just figuring it in a rotation). Backstab will be cast when its off cooldown and your behind the target.

Foul Play is an optional one, it is just a preference, you can manually use Foul Play if you want; it will go to Keen Strike, and Quick Strike after a Keen Strike is used, and if your not in melee range, it will use Fiery Spike. Seems to be the most part of your rotation. And while there are many different skills you can use in this macro that are not currently in it, you can use this from level 25 on, replacing things when you dont need/like them.

#show Puncture
cast Assassinate
cast Paralyzing Strike
cast Ebon Terror
cast Puncture
cast Poison Malice
cast Backstab
cast Foul Play
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike
cast Fiery Spike

Thanks to Jared for contributing this macro!

Paladin/Reaver Melee Macro

Close in with either Shield Charge or Light’s Hammer (for stun) if both are on cool down then Shield Throw does the paladin’s ranged attack (Shield Throw). Once in combat the macro tries to first always use the reactive styles, Disarming Counterblow or Retaliation before going into Aggressive Block (to make sure it is always being used) and then finally our anytime Pacifying Strike.

#show Shield Charge
cast Shield Charge
cast Light’s Hammer
cast Shield Throw
cast Disarming Counterblow
cast Retaliation
cast Aggressive Block
cast Pacifying Strike

Purifier Macros (and build)

So there is my new healing build, healed a few experts with it last night and was very happy with the tools I had to work with. Stackable hots, nice filler heal bubble, big heal emergency buttons and very efficient on mana.

Heres my build link:

Primary heal macro

#show healing flame
cast [alt] @mouseover restorative flame
cast [alt] restorative flame
cast [shift] @mouseover healing current
cast [shift] healing current
cast @mouseover flashover
cast flashover
cast @mouseover healing flame
cast healing flame

Purifier bubble plus hots

#show ward of the ancestors
cast [alt] @mouseover searing transfusion
cast @mouseover ward of the ancestors
cast ward of the ancestors
cast @mouseover Ripple
cast ripple
cast @mouseover Soothing Stream
cast soothing stream

Purifier decurse

show sterilize
cast @mouseover sterilize
cast sterilize
cast @mouseover cauterize
cast cauterize

I call this my someone is in trouble macro (oh shit) without cd

#show Deluge
cast @mouseover healing breath
cast healing breath
cast @mouseover deluge
cast deluge

Purifier AoE (actually sentinel aoe and modifier with warden aoe)

#show Healing communion
cast [alt] healing flood
cast @mouseover healing communion
cast healing communion

Cooldown + big heal (instant big heal requires 2 presses)

#show touch the light
cast touch the light
cast @mouseover restorative flame
cast restorative flame

Paladin/Champion Melee DPS

Because this spec has 3 different ‘Finishers’ those are still on the quick bar to be used as needed. This macro is used to get you close and get your points up to perform a finisher attack.

#show Mark of Inevitability
cast Path of the Raptor
cast Path of the Wind
(optional)cast Bull Rush
cast Mark of Inevitability
cast Turn the Blade
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Wrist Strike
cast Dual Strike

51 Warden / 15 Sentinel Macros

HoT macro:

#show Soothing Stream
cast [alt] @mouseover deluge
cast [alt] deluge
cast @mouseover Ripple
cast ripple
cast @mouseover healing breath
cast healing breath
cast @mouseover Soothing Stream
cast soothing stream

Heal macro:

#show healing current
cast [shift] @mouseover healing grace
cast [shift] healing grace
cast [alt] @mouseover healing spray
cast [alt] healing spray
cast @mouseover healing current
cast healing current

Orb macro:

#show orbs of the stream
cast @mouseover orbs of the stream
cast orbs of the stream
cast @mouseover orbs of the tide
cast orbs of the tide

AoE heal macro

#show healing flood
cast [ctrl] healing communion
cast [alt] healing showers
cast healing cataract
cast healing flood

Warden dispel macro

#show curative waters
cast @mouseover curative waters
cast curative waters
cast @mouseover cleansing waters
cast cleansing waters

Thanks to Rotomon for submitting these macros!

31 Druid / 35 Shaman Macros

Melee DPS macro:

#show crushing blow
cast jolt
cast glory of the chosen
cast fated blow
cast bombard
cast massive blow
cast eruption of life
cast combined effort
cast lightning hammer
cast trickster spirit
cast crushing blow

Shield macro:

#show glacial shield
cast glacial shield
cast shield of oak

AoE macro:

#show strike of the maelstrom
cast glory of the chosen
cast jolt
cast fated blow
cast ageless ice
cast strike of the maelstrom
cast avalanche strike

Reaver/Champion Ranged DoT Chain

Basically this macro kicks off the ability, Plague Bringer, that allows Reaver’s DOT to spread to 5 other enemies. Soul Sickness is next because its damage heals the Reaver. Since it is at the start of the marco whenever Plague Bringer is up it will kick it off. Followed by Soul Sickness which which will heal the reaver followed by the other DoTs to spread the DOTs around while Plague Bringer is still active. Good to use till you close with the enemy.

Optional: if you aren’t keeping up with the macro Bull Rush lets you know it’s time to melee!

#show Plague Bringer
cast Plague Bringer
cast Soul Sickness
cast Infestation
cast Necrotic Wounds
(optional)Bull Rush

Riftstalker/Bladedancer/Bard Tanking Macro

This is a general tanking / dps filler macro for a Riftstalker who is looking to maximize single target threat.

# show Precision Strike
cast Reprisal
cast Precision Strike
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike

Champion/Paragon PvE Macro

Standard stuff to get you to 3 blades. Important: Debilitating Strike is worth it!

#show Inescapable Fury
cast Frenzied Strike
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Turn the Blade
cast Debilitating Strike
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Power Strike

Pops Proper Timing for a MONSTER Finisher.  If they’re under 30% it uses Deathblow if not Punishing Blow … if they’re still standing.

#show Proper Timing
cast Proper Timing
cast Deathblow
cast Punishing Blow
(AE option rather than Punishing Blow) cast Bladefury

Pyromancer/Dominator Ranged DPS Macro

Casts 10 stacks of a 10 sec DoT on the Target, then immediately stuns them for 5 seconds (letting the 10 stacks tick for 330 total per second). Next push casts Inferno (if target is below 30%), otherwise it applies a DoT and follows it up with a DD. Great single target macro for mowing through mobs one at a time.

Ranged DPS

#show Fireball
cast Haunting Pain
cast Flasfire
cast Inferno
cast Countdown
cast Flame Bolt
cast Fireball

This macro requires level 30.

Chloromancer/Warlock DPS Macro

Ranged DPS / Off healing macro. Requires level 24.

Burns Natural Conversion everytime it’s up, and keeps the Chloromancers ambient healing abilities up while it moves through the list of cooldown DPS abilities.

#show Vile Spores
/cast Radiate Spores
/cast Ruin
/cast Natural Conversion
/cast Draining Bolt
/cast Nature’s Touch
/cast Vile Spores

Inquisitor/Cabalist DPS Macro

This condenses the PBAE abilities used for chain pulling groups of 4 when grinding as a cleric. Engulfing shadows and obliterate give way to a 100% crit Soul Drain, which means there might not even be a need for the Bound fate; but its there if you need it.

#show Soul Drain
/cast Engulfing Shadows
/cast Obliterate
/cast Fanaticism
/cas Soul Drain
/cast Bound Fate

This macro requires at least level 35 before all these abilities are available.

Warden/Sentinel Healing Macro

The following simple  macro will cast Ripple whenever it’s up, but continues casting soothing stream if Ripple isn’t available.

#show Soothing Stream
/cast Ripple
/cast Soothing Stream

Bard/Nightblade Support & Ranged DPS

This is a button consolidation for support bards, 1 press gets as many combo points on the target as possible (given nothing on cooldown), and resorts to Cadence as a fallback / filler.

#show Riff
/cast Riff
/cast Power Chord
/cast Cadence

Justicar/Shaman Melee & Tank Macro

This macro keeps Fated Blow at the top of the stack for reactionaries; always has at least 1 more conviction than needed but the macro falls “back in line” when you have to use another ability (IE: Self Heal)

#show Strike of Judgment
/cast Fated Blow
/cast Massive Blow
/cast Lightning Hammer
/cast Censure
/cast Precept of Refuge
/cast Strike of Judgment

Mouse over target marking

This macro will allow the current party leader or raid leader to put his mouse on a character and mark the character with the indicated mark number for the party or raid to see. The targetlasttarget will move the target back to the previous target as to not disrupt the current target.

target @mouseover
mark <number>

This can be useful if a team/raid leader aligns the marking macros to 1-8 on the keyboard and to assign each mark number accordingly. Quick and easy 1 key mouse over markings with no active target disruption.

If team members create macros that use @mark <number> modifier as the cast target, then the team leader can effectively change the target of the team members macros quickly with 1 key stroke.

Basic wait macro

As of recently you can even utilize the wait command in macros.

 say Attacking %t in 5 seconds.
#show "Fragmentation Bomb"
wait 5
cast @mouseover Fragmentation Bomb

This macro will cast “Fragmentation Bomb” on your mouseover target after a delay of 5 seconds.

Mouse over healing

This macro is especially useful in all kinds of situations, be it rifts, dungeons or PvP.

#show Basic Heal
cast [ctrl] @mouseover Heal Over Time
cast [ctrl] Heal Over Time
cast [alt] @mouseover Big Heal
cast [alt] Big Heal
cast @mouseover Basic Heal
cast Basic Heal

Be sure to replace the ability names with names of actual abilities.

Here’s how it works: you need to place your mouse over the target you want to heal. By pressing the macro without a modifier key you’ll cast “Basic Heal” on it; if you hold CTRL key while casting you will cast “Heal Over Time”, and if you hold the ALT key you will cast your “Big Heal” spell.

Very useful as it allows you to have three different healing spells in just one macro.

Crowd control notification

The following macro will tell in party chat the name of the target (%T) you’re casting Transmorgify spell on. Since the crowd control will break upon the target receiving damage it’s a very useful macro to ensure none of your group members damage it accidentally.

party I am Squirreling the target %T, do not attack it!
cast Transmorgify

Assisting main tank macro

The following macro is useful for assisting your main tank.

target "name"
cast "name of your usual starting skill"

Basic Macro Commands

  • /saveequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/saveequip 1″) – This saves the currently equipped set of equipment to the specified index.
  • /loadequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/loadequip 1″) – This loads the saved set of equipment from the specified index.
  • /cast followed by an ability name (e.g. “/cast Motif of Tenacity”) – This casts the specified ability. You can specify a target for that ability using special targeting syntax (e.g. /cast @mouseover Commander’s Order)
  • /wait followed by a number of seconds (e.g. “/wait 1″) – This is used to tell the game engine to wait the specified number of seconds before issuing the next command.
  • /stopcasting – This tells the game engine to stop the current action and is a necessary intermediate step between chained macro commands.
  • /use item – This uses the item named (e.g. /use Blessed Tome)
  • /help – This lists the Rift recognized / commands.

Special Commands

  • /%T – displays the target selected in chat.
  • @Focustarget – Cast a spell at a target of a focused target, E.G. /cast @focustarget Soul lance
  • @Lasttarget – Cast a spell on your last target before your current target
  • #show “ability” – Causes the macro to inherhit the icon and ability icon of the skill.

Basic Macro Example

#show Commander's Order
cast @mouseover Commander's Order

List of Rift slash commands

Below you’ll find the full list of slash commands currently available in Rift. They can also be used in macros.


  • abilitybar – Selects a specific ability bar page from your main bar.
  • afk <message> – Sets you “Away From Keyboard” with optional message.
  • alias <alias> <command> <blah> – Allows you to create alias for your commands.
  • cancelbuff <spell> – Cancels a buff by name.
  • cast <spell name> – Casts a specific spell.
  • clearfocus – Clears a focus set by the /Focus command.
  • combatlog – Brings up the combat log.
  • dismount – Dismounts you from your mount.
  • dnd <message> – Sets your chat to “Do not Disturb” with optional message.
  • duel <player> – Starts a duel
  • dungeoninfo – Displays dungeon info.
  • equip <item> – Equips selected item
  • equipslot – Untested
  • filter – Turns adult chat filter on or off.
  • focus <name> – Sets your focus to selected NPC or player.
  • follow <target> – Follows the target.
  • friend <player name> – Add player as a friend.
  • help – Brings up available commands
  • inspect <player name> – Looks at a target players gear.
  • loc – Gives your location
  • macro – Brings up the macro section.
  • motd – Edits message of the day.
  • played – Shows your time played.
  • pvptoggle – Toggles your PVP flag on or off.
  • random # – Rolls a number randomly up to the number specified.
  • report <player name> – Reports a player.
  • returntorespawn – Returns you to the graveyard if you are dead.
  • role # – changes your role.
  • startattack – Starts melee auto-attack.
  • startrangedattack – Starts ranged Auto-Attack.
  • stopattack – Stops your attack.
  • stopcasting – Cancels casting.
  • target <name> – Selects target player or NPC.
  • targetexact <name> – Selects the exact name of a NPC or Player.
  • time – Displays the server time and the local time.
  • version – Gives you the current RIFT version.
  • who – Opens the social window.


  • clearallmarks – Clears away all target marks.
  • dumpraid <filename> – Creates a file that lists the members of a raid.
  • invite <player name> – Invites target player to your party.
  • kick <player name> – Kick player from your party.
  • leader <player name> – Transfer party lead to player.
  • mark # – Mark a target with designated number.
  • partyleave – Leave your party.
  • raid_create – Create a raid.
  • raid_disband – Disband a raid.
  • readycheck – Prompts a ready window for everyone to confirm readiness.
  • resetinstances – Resets a instance.


  • chat # <message>,# <message> – Selects a chat channel you have joined and enters a message when a message follows the space after the number. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers.
  • chatlist – Gives the list of chat channels and their numbers you have joined and that can be selected by /1, /2, etc. Aliases of this command are chatinfo and chatwho.
  • guild <message> – Selects the guild chat channel and enters a message when a message follows the space after the command. Aliases for this command are /gu, /gc and /g.
  • join <channel> – Joins a chat channel when the channel exists or not. Aliases for this command are chatjoin, cjoin, channel and chan.
  • leave # – Leaves a chat channel by giving its number. See /chatlist for chatlist numbers. Aliases for this command are /chatleave, /chatexit, /cleave and /cexit.
  • lfg – Short command to join the LFG channel (/join LFG).
  • party <message> – Opens a party channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all party members. Alias for this command is p.
  • tell <char> <message> – Opens a tell/whisper channel to another character and sends a message in this private channel when a text follows the space after the character name.
  • Aliases for this command are whisper, w and t. The hotkey ‘r’ ot the command reply can be used to repond to the last person sending you a tell (or whisper).
  • wf <message> – Opens a warfront team channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all warfront team members.
  • raid <message> – Opens a raid channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command to all raid members. Alias of this command is /rsay.
  • say <message> – Opens an local channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command. Alias for this command is s.
  • yell <message> – Opens an local channel and sends a message when a text follows the space after the command. Work like say but the text get another colour to emphasize it. Alias for this command is shout.
  • announce # – Enables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Alias for this command is /ann.
  • chatban # <player name> – Kick and bans a player from a chat channel. Aliases for this command are /ban, /bk and /cban.
  • chatinvite # <player name> – Invites a player to a private chat channel. Alias for this command is /cinvite.
  • chatunban # <player name> – Unbans a player from a chat channel. Aliases for this command are /unban and /cunban.
  • moderator # <player name> – Make a player character moderator of the given channel. Alias for this command is /mod.
  • owner # <player name> – Transfers channel ownership to another player character.
  • password # <password> – Sets the channel’s password, or clears it if no password entered.
  • private # – Make a channel private. People must be invited using /cinvite to join.
  • public # – Makes a channel public. Anyone can join who is not on the ban list.
  • unannounce # – Disables join/leave announcements for a given channel. Alias for this command is /unann.
  • unmoderator # <player name> – Remove moderator permissions for a player character on the given channel. Alias for this command is /unmod


  • petaggressive – Sets your pet to attack anything that comes into range.
  • petattack – Sets your pet to attack the current target.
  • petcast <spell name> – Your pet will cast the spell given.
  • petdefensive – Pet will only attack when attacked.
  • petfollow – Pet will follow you.
  • petstay – Pet stays at current location.
  • petname <pet name> – Sets your pet name.
  • petpassive – Sets your pet to do nothing, even if attacked.


  • dumpguild <filename> – Generates a file with the entire guild roster on it.
  • ginvite <player name> – Invite a player to the guild.
  • gleave – Leave the guild.
  • guild <message> – Type a message to the guild.
  • gkick <player name> – Kick a player from the guild
  • glog – Brings up the guild log
  • gsetmotd <message> – Sets the guild Message Of The Day
  • gpromote <player name> <Rank> – Promotes a guild member to a rank designated
  • gsetnotes <message> – Changes the Guild Notes message.
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