How Increased Item Quantity and Rarity Works

Increased Item Quantity and RarityI got asked recently about Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Rarity stats and how they work so hopefully this short post will explain some basics to new players. It’s one of many game mechanics that new players seem to have a hard time figuring out at first although it isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

Note: IIQ and IIR combined is often referred to as MF – Magic Find.

What’s Increased Item Quantity?

Increased Item Quantity (IIQ) affects the number of items dropped by monsters you slay. As a basic example having 100% IIQ would mean you get twice as many items. IIQ affects not only equipment drops but also currency, and is generally considered much more valuable than IIR.

What’s Increased Item Rarity?

Item Rarity (IIR) basically determines whether the item dropped will be normal (white), magic (blue), rare (yellow) or unique (brown, orange, or whatever it looks like). Having 100% IIR would mean you get twice as many rare and magic items than you normally would.

The main difference is that IIQ increases all drops, while IIQ only increases your chance to get rare/unique items.

What about item Quality?

There is no stat that affects item quality! The wording in Path of Exile can take awhile to wrap your head around at the start but there is no stat that affects whether items dropped will have +Quality on them. Whether gems, items and flasks have +Quality on them is pure chance. Although technically having more IIQ would increase the amount of items dropped thus increasing your chances to get more +quality items.

Is IIQ better than IIR?

IIQ is generally considered better than IIR, most importantly because it affects currency drop rates as well as equipment. However if you’re focusing on high MF you should try to get a good mixture of both stats, so if you have about 50% IIQ try to get at least 150% IIR to go with it. Having a high amount of either IIQ or IIR rather than both can be beneficial but rarely as much as having both.

Do note that if you’re mostly farming in groups having more IIR is better since a full group already has +250 IIQ (excluding any map bonuses if applicable). If you prefer to farm alone then either get a mixture of both stats, or consider getting high IIR if you want an increased chance to get rare rings and amulets for the Chaos vendor recipe.

How much IIQ/IIR should you have?

Dual Spark Totem is currently the main build that focuses on high MF. Most other skill tree builds have to focus on far too many other stats to be able to afford high MF as well. Players with some of the best gear available have +150% IIQ and +450% IIR which is considered an extremely high amount. It is possible to reach high amounts of IIQ/IIR on other builds but it’s ridiculously expensive and to most first-time players well out of reach.

On most characters/builds having any MF is not considered mandatory in any way. High-level players typically farm in groups where only one player has high MF and he’s the one who finishes most monsters, while others focus on damage. You should always prioritize high defensive stats followed by damage, and any MF you’re able to get is helpful but secondary.

Yes, IIQ+IIR of the player who deals the killing blow on a monster is the only one that counts!

Typically when you hit a certain threshold where you can clear Docks or low-level maps with ease you can consider getting MF. Even having 50% IIQ and 100% IIR will give you a noticeable increase in items and currency: the easiest way to notice it is when you start running out of Wisdom Scrolls.


Although there are diminishing returns on high amounts of IIQ and IIR there is no sweet spot: the more you have the better. If you can choose to have either IIQ or IIR, IIQ is at least twice as valuable, but if you decide to build a character with high MF then focus on getting both not just one. For solo play IIQ is better than IIR.

I hope this short guide helps you understand Quantity and Rarity better. If you have any questions or thoughts shoot them in the comments below!

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3 Thoughts to “How Increased Item Quantity and Rarity Works

  1. Brian

    Im having a hard time finding IIQ gear, but it does make sense to try for more of that, rather than just IIR. Ive opened many chests with 1500% IIR mods on them, and gotten maybe a rare.

    Side question: whats a good computer hardware build? Ie: video card primarily.

  2. IIQ gear doesn’t drop anymore on items, however there are a few unique items which still have it (and legacy items on Standard league), which probably explains why you’re having trouble finding it.

    I’m not an expert on hardware, but usually more $$ = better 😀 Can’t give you any specific recommendations, but any newer GFX card (i.e. not older than 2-3 years I guess) should be good enough to run PoE with relatively high graphics settings.

  3. Brian

    Thanks. That would be a good reason why im not seeing them.

    Maybe they’ll bring it back in some future patch.

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