Star Trek Online Tribbles Guide

Tribbles are a very common loot in Star Trek Online, but what most players don’t realize is they are a bit more complicated than you might think at first glance. Tribbles can be equipped in your character’s equipment slot and in your bridge officers equipment slots, and used out of (ground) combat for a quick health boost.

There are actually four main types of Tribbles: Heal, DPS, Damage Resist and Health Regen. Vitales type as displayed in the picture is actually a self-heal type so if you’re looking for one on the Exchange you’ll immediately know which one you need. You can also find double or even triple buffs type of Tribbles such as Mattson Tribble which give you both HP regen and DPS buffs. A Rivera Tribble will give you DPS, Health Regen and Damage Resistance.

  • Healing Tribble – An out of combat self heal.
  • DPS Tribble – 1 hour out of combat self damage buff.
  • Damage Resist Tribble – 1 hour out of combat self damage resistance buff.
  • Health Regen Tribble – 1 hour out of combat self regen buff.

Note that using a Tribble with for example a DPS buff and then using one with Health Regen will not stack, so finding one with double buffs is definitely more useful. There’s a detailed table available here which gives you more information about breeding Tribbles in order to get the most rare ones.

One word of advice though: as Tribbles are considered mortal enemies of Klingons they will not be able to use them!

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3 Thoughts to “Star Trek Online Tribbles Guide

  1. T'Plore

    Hello i have 2 question for you: first, i heard that u actually have to feed tribbles, if that is true how i do it? Second, most of the tribble have a 3,5 second effect duration and u cant use them in battle, so are they useless or what?
    Thank u, i like this blog;)

  2. Alex

    Hi, You have to feed tribbles in order for them to breed/multiply. The higher quality the food you feed a tribble the higher quality offspring it will have.

  3. Alex

    Oh, In answer to your second question. The 3.5 second buff (lets says attack buff for this example) is useful for achieving a one-hit-kill, So lets say I wanted to kill a borg and I needed to kill him asap, I would activate the tribble attack buff and attack him, thus hopefully killing him in one shot.

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