Rift Warrior Soul Tree Builds Guide

In this post, I will be discussing about Rift Warrior Builds. In Rift you will be selecting three souls which will be the basis for all of your character’s abilities, generally you will have one main soul and two other souls which will mainly be used for the starter abilities they give. In this guide I will be discussing the Warrior souls, what they do, and which ones I suggest that you should use. Lets get started and look at some Rift Warrior builds.


  1. Solo Play Builds
  2. Group Play Builds
  3. Leveling & DPS Builds

Solo Play Builds

First lets look at Rift Warrior Builds for Solo game play and then group. As you may have guessed the Warrior class is one that will be used for either tanking or DPS and is not a viable healing class.

From the eight available warrior souls there are 3 tanking souls, 4 DPS, and another soul that would be considered a tank soul but is also used to sort of buff other players in a party instead of focusing mainly on tanking. Of the three tanking souls we have Paladin, Reaver, and Void Knight, all with different abilities used for tanking. As for DPS we have Beastmaster (which allows for you to have a pet) Paragon, Riftblade, and Champion. The tank/buff soul I referred to earlier is called the Warlord soul.

In rift you’re able to purchase up to 4 different roles, so it’s easy to have multiple Rift Warrior builds for multiple types of gameplay. If you’re going to be doing a lot of solo tasks like questing you’re going to want to select the souls Reaver, Beastmaster, and Riftblade. All of these focus on two-handed weapon abilities. The reason Reaver is so important for soloing is because it has several self-heal abilities. One of these being a talent that will heal you every time you kill a mob, which makes it great for kill quests.

You also may want to consider using the Paladin soul in combination with Reaver if you want to try doing a lot of AOE leveling as you would have a lot of healing as well as AOE damage. In any case, for soloing you will want to put as many points into Reaver as you can, but if you choose Beastmaster and Champion as your off-souls they have some fantastic first tier abilities you can put to use whenever you have points that you can’t spend in your main soul. Also there are 0pt abilities such as the ability to have a pet with Beastmaster and the Charge ability with Champion that make this such a great combination early on.

Group Play Builds

Now let’s look at Rift Warrior Builds guide for group or team play. As for playing in groups as damage you’re going to want to use the souls: Riftblade, Champion, and Beastmaster. You will want to make a choice between Beastmaster and Champion as for which soul you want to put the most of your points into, Champion offers great single target damage as well as good AOE for trash pulls, whereas Beastmaster offers some nice group buffs.

One thing to keep in mind as a warrior is that you should always have at least one of your roles using the Paladin soul, there is always going to be a time where you’re the only one alive and you need to use that resurrection spell and as long as you’re able to switch over to a role with Paladin it won’t be a problem.

Now for tanking in groups you’re going to want to use Reaver and Paladin and it doesn’t matter which soul you put your points into, both of them are going to be fine and it all matters on how you want to play your character. As for your third soul you’ll want to choose between Warlord for the 0pt debuffs, and Riftblade for the increased damage. I think this covers different kinds of Rift Warrior Builds for all the scenario.

Leveling & DPS Builds

After experimenting with all the builds, I have found that without a doubt you will want to go with either Paragon or Riftblade as your primary soul. I recommend you read Rift Warrior leveling guide for a more comprehensive list of builds and info on this calling.


In particular, I think that Paragon is the best soul for leveling up. They deal excellent damage and have a variety of powerful ranged attacks.

Personally, I have always been a fan of big two-handed weapons, but the truth is once I switched over from Champion to Paragon, my damage increased exponentially.

Not only that, but my character was a lot more durable (due to the extra Parry) and had significantly improved ranged abilities.

The Paragon itself excels though in melee damage, and none of the other souls do nearly as much damage as the Paragon when it is meleeing.

For support souls, you want to get Champion and Riftblade. Just by having Riftblade equipped as one of your souls, you get access to the Air Blade ability, which is a passive buff that significantly improves your damage.

Additionally, with Champion you get access to Raging Bull, which makes getting from monster to monster a lot easier. Slayer’s Bearing is a passive buff that increases damage by 5% and only requires 4 points in the Champion tree.

As a result of these passive buffs which are easy to get, you can significantly improve your Paragon’s damage with little investment. Both of these buffs are well worth it.

As you level up further, I recommend climbing the Paragon tree as much as you can and putting any leftover points in Riftblade. The passive abilities Elemental Touch and Elemental Blade massively increase your damage, so they are well worth getting.


Riftblade is a very unusual class that involves using casted abilities to deal primarily elemental damage. This class actually does a surprising amount of damage without any caster-oriented gear.

While you do not deal quite as much damage as a normal caster, the damage is very comparable. Additionally, you have a lot more HP and can wear plate, making this class very durable. Furthermore, you do not have to use mana, which means you can cast basically forever. You have an instant ranged snare and this class can actually kite melee monsters very easily.

While this class does not deal as much damage as a Paragon, it can deal a lot of damage from range. This has one particular benefit: Rifts and PvP. If you are dealing melee damage, you are much more susceptible to getting attacked when dealing with Rifts, Invasions, or in group PvP.

The Riftblade can sit back and safely pick off monsters with the casters. It can also snare and kite elite monsters, making it very powerful for Rift encounters.

My recommendation is that for typical players, go for the Paragon build with Riftblade and Champion as your sub-souls. However, if you primarily want to participate in invasion and rift events, try out Riftblade for a safe and effective leveling build that will allow you to participate in rifts.

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