Rift: Ascended Powers Guide

After closing their first Rift, many players notice the “Planar Charges” building up as they close rifts. Mousing over these planar charges tells you that they will help fuel your ascended powers. The problem is – you do not have any ascended powers! In this article, I will be compiling a list of Rift Ascended powers, what they do, and how to get them.


  1. Ascended Powers List
  2. Acquiring Planar Charges
  3. Conclusion

Ascended Powers List

Right now, the only place I have found that you can get Ascended Powers from the planar goods merchant in Sanctum and Meridian (right near all the elemental faction vendors).

You can purchase these powers for Planarite. While you may not want to spend your hard-earned planarite on something that does not increase your stats nor can be used in dungeons or PvP, these powers are actually quite good!

Here is the list:

  • Planar Lure (earned from low level quest) – You use this ability near any tears to start a rift event. Tears appear on the map as “tears”, not Rifts. You cannot use this ability unless you are near a tear. This costs no planar charge.
  • Guardian’s Flare (buy in Sanctum/Meridian for 50 planarite) – You can purchase this for a mere 50 planarite. This summons a group of NPCs to attack a Planar Idol (Burning Idol, etc). These NPCs seem to last a long time and about 5 come to attack the idol. For tougher idols, you should use this over Holy Champion. Uses 1 planar charge. Note: Known as Defiant’s Flare for the Defiant.
  • Bless Wardstone (buy in Sanctum/Meridian for 50 planarite) Bless Wardstone will fully heal and upgrade your target wardstone. You want to use this ability to help buff up any wardstones that are under attack during invasion events. Many events require you to defend a wardstone, and if it falls, you fail the event. Healing the wardstone definitely comes in handy if you let a few enemies slip by. Uses 1 planar charge. Note: Known as Augment Wardstone for the Defiant.
  • Holy Champion (buy in Sanctum/Meridian for 200 planarite). This ability is awesome. It increases your damage by 100% and reduces damage you take by 75% for a full 30 seconds against any planar enemy (works against opposite faction invasion NPCs too). You can use this to take out a hard wave in a Rift easily when playing solo! Uses 1 planar charge. Note: Known as Anti-Planar Augmentation for the Defiant.
  • Summon Rescue Medic (buy in Sanctum/Meridian for 15000 planarite) – This summons a medic to your location that you can use to heal up your soul’s vitality. Convenient if you have died a few times in a row and do not want to use the spirit healer. It seems more like an end-game thing; would be convenient for raiding but for newbies it is not worth gathering up 15000 planarite! Requires 3 planar charges.

While I have only found 5 total Ascended powers so far, I am sure more will be added to the game over time.

Acquiring Planar Charges

As mentioned, each ascended power costs 1-3 planarite in order to use. You earn planar charges from sealing rifts and sealing rifts only. You do not get planar charge for defeating invasions or destroying footholds.


You now know exactly how the Ascended powers work so you can finally start using your planar charges. I recommend that everyone pick up Holy Champion / Anti-Planar Augmentation right away, as the 200 planarite will quickly pay for itself in the amount it will increase your soloing power versus Rifts and invasions!

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