Official Skyrim Guide – Walkthrough, Quests, Leveling, Items & More

Prima Skyrim GuideOut of all game leveling and strategy guides, official guides are often not as useful or detailed. Skyrim however has an official guide published by Prima, and it’s a really high-quality edition features a ton of content on more than 650 printed pages.

It includes some really useful content such as character builds containing skills, perks, items, and leveling information. Additionally, it has info on in-game collectibles (skill books, unique items, treasure maps), and a list of trainers and followers. Also there’s a helpful crafting guide telling you where to find trainers, how to increase your skills in professions and more.

You can take a look at the “official” list of contents in this Skyrim guide below:

  • Large map Poster insideLabeled with important locations, major roads, and hold capitals
  • A Champion for Skyrim – Multiple character builds based on hundreds of hours of playtesting reveal exactly what Skills, Perks, equipment, and other items to pick, and how to advance through the game, no matter the type of character you want to be.
  • All Collectibles Gathered – If you’re searching Skyrim for Skill Books, Unique Items and Weapons, every single Shout, Dragon Priest Masks, Treasure Maps, Unusual Gems, or even Captured Critters, we show you where every rare item is.
  • The Atlas of Skyrim – A comprehensive tour of every single location, from the vast Hold Cities to the smallest woodland den. Every major exploration point receives a walkthrough flagging important items, with detailed maps throughout.
  • Prowess in Combat – Every weapon, piece of equipment, and spell is detailed so you know which blade, bow, or incantation to crush your enemies with. Every type of combat is tactically analyzed, so you can better any foe in battle.
  • Trainers and Traders – Skyrim is full of merchants to barter with, and trainers to further increase your Skill, Crafting, and Bartering proficiencies. Every alchemist, blacksmith, innkeeper, trainer, Khajiit caravan, and other vendor revealed.
  • Followers and Friends – Build your friendships across Skyrim and locate every Follower with information inside this guide. Become a Thane. Own property. Marry your favorite Housecarl. Details inside.

The guide is priced at only $16 which is pretty impressive all things considered. 650+ pages in a hardcover guide is definitely worth it for all dedicated Elder Scrolls and Skyrim fans.

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