Jatt’s analysis of C9 vs CLG

One of the benefits to watching competitive matches is that you can improve your own decision making and knowledge about the game by analyzing how pros make their own decisions. Watching and understanding the mistakes they make is perhaps even more important than simply trying to imitate their successful moves or picks, and a recent LCS match between Cloud 9 and Counter Logic Gaming is full of both.

Jatt wrote a very detailed breakdown of the match and analyzed both teams plays. It’s not a particularly action packed or entertaining match for most viewers but it’s full of great plays and crucial mistakes by both teams, and I highly suggest reading Jatt’s analysis, watching the VOD, and then repeat it once more.

If you don’t regularly watch LCS and even if you have no interest in the competitive scene it’s all the more reason to take the time and watch/read this.

Note: if you don’t want spoilers watch the video first. Picks & Bans starts at 5:00, match starts at 12:42.

I hope you found it as helpful as I did! Chime in with your thoughts below and tell me what you think.

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