Trooper Guides

The Trooper is one of the four Galactic Republic aligned playable classes. Players who choose the Trooper class start their adventure planet called Ord Mantell.

The Trooper uses heavy weapons ranging from Rifles to Large Cannons (two-handed weapons). The Trooper’s energy resource are called ammo. This resource regenerates over time at a rate of about 1 ammo every 2-3 seconds, and the trooper has abilities to quickly regenerate ammo as well. He runs head on into battle, his blaster rifle killing as he goes, clearing a path for those to follow. Because of his heavy armor, he can take damage and not actually feel it.

The Trooper can be specialized to deal substantial DPS, but can serve as a group’s primary tank as well due to their armor and large amount of health.

Troopers can specialize in two advanced classes: the Commando and the Vanguard. More details about each can be found on the post about Trooper specializations. Species that are available for Troopers are Human, Zabrak and Mirialan, and their companion is Tanno Vik.