Sith Inquisitor Guides

Sith Inquisitor is definitely one of the most unique classes available to play in SWTOR. They are the masters of manipulation and cunning intelligence. Sith Inquisitors will do everything in their power to further their own personal goals and agendas.

This exciting class has a variety of skill and attacks, but perhaps the most resourceful and unique skill is their ability to use the Force. Sith Inquisitors are able to generate massive area of effect (AoE) attacks using the Force, dealing huge damage. The Force lightning that comes from the Inquisitor’s hands will subdue, incapacitate, and destroy enemies. Lightning storms can be called down by these deadly characters to deal devastating damage to the enemies that surround them. They are also able to use Force generated attacks with two-bladed lightsabers for melee and area of effect attacks, but the most efficient damage is done with ranged Force attacks.

Despite being able to deal a ton of damage, Sith Inquisitors can also heal. They have typical healing abilities but are also able to drain their opponents health as well as revive slain party members, making them an important part of most groups. They don’t wear armor as powerful as some other classes such as the Sith Warrior, but they are still quite strong and able to put out a lot of damage.

As for customization players can choose from the three available skill trees, one for healing, one for melee combat and one for ranged combat, thus making this class a very versatile one that many players will get to enjoy.